Since 1985, Swiss Financial Services has taken great pride in providing services to clients, who appreciate a personal, reliable and flexible service offering.

As a Swiss-based family and employee owned firm, we stand for true independence and are inherently committed to applying our collective professional knowledge and experience in the interest of our clients’ business.

Through our global presence, we are not only in a position to service our clients within their time-zone, but more importantly within their cultural business context. We are passionate about servicing entrepreneurs with unique business requirements in our role as fund administrator.

Swiss Financial Services was established 1985 in Switzerland as a privately owned futures commission brokerage firm with three initial Swiss locations.  In 1986, Swiss Financial Services added a US presence by establishing an office in Naperville, Illinois. In the mid-1990’s, Swiss Financial Services decided to concentrate on fund services and began to de-emphasize its futures brokerage business. In 1996, Swiss Financial Services opened its office in the Bahamas to expand the fund services offering. By 1999, Swiss Financial Services was a firm entirely focused on fund administration. In 2003, Swiss Financial Services further strengthened its presence in Europe by opening an office in Ireland and in 2006 expanded to Asia by opening a Singapore office. In the latter part of 2013 SFS made the difficult decision to close the Bahamas office and centralize all shareholder services work for client funds in the Ireland office. This was a very difficult decision as the team in the Bahamas office had played a key role in the success of Swiss Financial Services over the previous seventeen years.

Today, Swiss Financial Services renders accounting, administrative, investor and fund set-up services for diverse fund types domiciled in the Cayman Islands, Bahamas, United States, British Virgin Islands, Ireland and Singapore. Funds we administer include corporations, limited partnerships, fund of funds, single and multi-advisor funds, master/feeder funds and single/multi class funds.

Swiss Financial Services also performs accounting services for managed accounts, as well as valuation and consolidation services for client specific portfolios. Our clients include investment managers, hedge fund managers, commodity trading advisors, investment advisors, as well as family wealth offices, banks, brokerage firms and other financial institutions of the alternative investment industry.