On June 25th, 2013, Swiss Financial Services organized the first Emerging Manager Conference in Zurich. The half-day event and cocktail evening was a great success and gave local hedge fund managers an opportunity to network and improve their visibility in the investment community with both traders and investors from Switzerland and abroad. It also allowed professional capital raisers and allocators identify emerging trading talent. The event was free for asset allocators.

The Emerging Managers Conference in Zurich represents a cost efficient, effective way to raise your visibility as an emerging hedge fund manager.
There will be plenty of networking opportunities.

Attendees:   Emerging Fund Managers and Investors in search of new talent

Agenda:        the agenda (pdf) will be continously updated.

Objective:    to actively facilitate meaningful networking opportunities
among a limited number of participants.

For more details on the London event organized by CTAExpo, please see www.ctaexpo.com.

For more information on our sponsors see www.steinlex.ch , www.schwyz-economy.ch and www.zug.ch.